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Successful Indoor Growing with PermaTherm

Jake Shockey, owner, and general manager of Peninsula Gardens, is a cannabis cultivation expert. With over 10 years in cannabis cultivation and countless experience consulting on different grow room projects, he is a leading authority in the cannabis field. Jake’s company, Peninsula Gardens, is a unique indoor growing cultivation facility led by a team of former caregivers who are extremely passionate about the medicine they produce. Peninsula Gardens’ high quality standards and cultivation practices set them apart from most other facilities. They grow unique genetics – some of which are only found at Peninsula Gardens.

Sit down with our marketing team as we learn more about Jake’s experience with PermaTherm panels for indoor growing, as well as some advice for building a productive and profitable indoor grow facility. For the full-length interview, watch below.

MU: If you could offer some advice to new growers getting ready to build indoor grow room facilities, or even for growers who have successful facilities but are getting ready to expand their grow room – what would you suggest?

Jake Shockey: I would say do your homework; you know what I mean? The first thing: do your homework, get educated, understand what’s out there, and why certain things are better fit for you[your grow room] or not. I think obviously knowing where the panels are manufactured, the standards, the certificates that they hold.

JS: Those are all things that you need to understand before purchasing panels, because a lot of people look at the cost but they don’t really do the actual math like, “okay, this might be a cheaper upfront investment but what is the long term risk associated with that that price savings.” Because it could cost you a lot more in the long run not choosing a sustainable product that’s going to last…that the R-value not changing [overtime]. You know, I’ve seen other people that do things like heat treat rooms, and other panels don’t hold that R-value and then they become issues.

JS: Reach out to growers. Reach out to people that are using these panels. Reach out to people who have experience – especially on the install side and the design side. I think those are areas that people miss and they only look at the cost.

For an insider look into construction practices and tips for indoor growing, check out the full-length interview.

For more on PermaTherm panels for indoor growing, click here.

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