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Hash Hole Donuts

GT Rolling Co and Peninsula Gardens have brought the best thing smoking in Metrc right now. Hash hole donuts are a true delicacy. The perfect combination of flower and hash are meticulously hand rolled, achieving terps that cannot be matched by anything else but a hash hole donut. Enjoy!


Light the tip so the joint can cherry and heat up fully before taking any hits. This is vital, take some time to make sure it’s fully red before taking any hits. DO NOT inhale and light the donut at same time. Small hits, no longer than 3 seconds.

Just like a cigar, you should leave the ash on the cherry so the ash cools the joint and the hits are smoother. Don't forget to take much smaller hits rather than taking a drag hit like with a joint. Smoking the donut this way will be different, but since it's rolled tighter and has hash in the middle it is going to burn much slower.

Ashing the joint at the right time is important. In order to see the rosin bubbling in the middle of the joint you have to ash correctly. Pay attention to when the joint starts burning slower and when you begin to taste wax.

The most Important thing to know when smoking a hash hole donut is that it's not a race. You really have to relax on these. Take your time smoking it. Just because you're not inhaling and exhaling a lot of smoke doesn't mean you're not getting anything, donuts just burn differently.

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