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Solventless Extraction

With our expansion in 2024 we have finally launched our solventless extraction lab. This is something our team has been working very hard on. Meticulously lining up every detail to make sure we bring you some of the best live rosin on the Michigan market. Good hash is an art. It takes dedication,  patience, and a very high attention to detail. We have not only built the perfect lab to accomplish this but also put the right people in place that love this craft and are extremely excited to show you what they’ve been whipping up.

Rosin Jars.jpg

Live Rosin Jars

All of our first wash material is reserved for 1g  jars. 70-149u cold cured live rosin. No part of our process is rushed. Carefully harvesting and freezing our award winning flower and extracting the trichome heads through our own special processes.


Live Rosin Vapes

Using devices from O2 vape, the rosin that doesn’t make it into our jars goes into our vapes. Most companies would still call this their top shelf material and use it for jars but we wanted to bring the best possible vapes to the market. Terpene preservation is of the upmost importance to us when it comes to cartridges. Flavor is just like it would be from your dab rig and the high is extremely balanced unlike distillate vapes.

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