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PG Flight Box

We're always trying to break the standard and bring new items to market. Preroll packs have been becoming more and more popular whether they're small dog walkers or styled like a pack of cigarettes. The issue of these is they're always the same strain in the entire pack. We wanted to do something a little different and have a pack with a variety of flavors. This makes it a little more complicated on the Metrc compliance side but we feel it's well worth it and helps push our industry to new levels.

The "PG Flight Box" contains 8 total Prerolls and 5 different flavors. 6 of them are our standard 1gram Prerolls and 2 of the are 2gram hand rolls that were rolled by GT Rolling Co.

The boxes are very limited and have a couple LE stickers inside to make them extra special.

Box 1 (Drops the Week of March 20th)

-2 Cherry Pop Tartz 1g Prerolls

-1 Animal Trees 1g Preroll

-1 Garlic Grove 1g Preroll

-1 Runtz 1g Preroll

-1 Runtz 2g GT Hand Roll

-1 Sherb Pie 1g Preroll

-1 Sherb Pie 2g GT Hand Roll

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