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CLR Macro
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About Us

Peninsula Gardens is the cumulation of 50+ years combined experience growing in the caregiver market. We came together to create a company that is true to the origins of this industry and pushback against corporate cannabis. Our goal is to constantly push ourselves and produce high end craft quality cannabis on a consistent basis. Clean burn, white ash, loud smell, and big flavor. These are all boxes we’re making sure we check run after run. We smoke what we grow and believe that extra effort we put in shines through on our end product.


Peninsula Gardens is located in Lake Orion, Michigan. Our facility is built from the ground up for cultivation on an extremely energy and environmentally friendly level. Great industry partners have helped us create a facility that functions perfectly for our style of growing. We have also assembled a knockout team of talented individuals throughout our entire organization. We’re always raising the bar and refining our processes to become the best growers possible. From clone all the way through to packaged flower our team cares and wants you to experience what it’s like to #KeepItPG. Our roots run deep in this industry, and we do it for the plant we all love.



Looking to add our products to your dispensary shelves, have a question about our product line up, curious on employment positions with us, or any other questions you can think of. Fill out the form below and we'll get back to you ASAP.

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